I’m always amazed at the amount of ‘avid gym goers’ who insist I’m a cheater.  Wait lets rephrase that: It amazes me how many people think supplement usage is cheating.  For the record steroids are not supplements.  And supplements are not steroids.  Protein and Creatine aren’t bad for you and are found in many of your regular meals.  In fact I’d argue by hitting GNC or buying your favorite supplements online you are probably being frugal and saving steps.  It’s a lot quicker to mix a shake then cook a steak right? 

Ball and stick model of the creatine molecule.
Ball and stick model of the creatine molecule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve come across a lot of people lately across the age spectrum who invariably think met-rx, whey, creatine, arimatest are dirty words.  News flash folks: you won’t climb to the top without a boost every now and then.  I’m not advocating an all out free for all mind you- just stating that it is my belief that we all can have greater, sustained goals if we take advantage of the modern science of supplements. 

The games changed.  You don’t need to do the Rocky and eat 12 eggs raw for breakfast.  Eggs are great, and with the reversal of fear that eggs erode health via cholesterol it is a main stay in my line up.  However, variation has always been key in working out in all manners and that applies to diet as well. 

Eggs (Photo credit: sir chalky)

If eggs are rich in protein and steak is rich in creatine it stands to reason you should eat them.  As such if you can buy a synthesized powder and obtain the same benefits easier, cheaper, faster, or all of the above why wouldn’t you? 

I won’t hammer you any longer folks.  Just remember that cheaters take steroids and similar products (that is up for debate as well but is an argument for another article).  Whatever is sold in GNC is fair game in my book.  Get ahead or stay behind its your choice folks.


Various anabolic steroids. Author: Wikidudeman...
Various anabolic steroids. Author: Wikidudeman (talk) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheap Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, scientist, or licensed health related services provider.  All data written unless otherwise stated is solely my opinion and or well wishes.  I am not trained in any formats that will aide you.  I’m merely a regular guy who loves lifting weights.  So expect opinions, some facts, and a healthy helping of tom foolery.

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