Muscle requires fuel.

23 Jul

Muscle requires fuel.

Now my regular readers and fans know that I’m a gym rat and book worm. I take pleasure in the few things that not only make me better but are fun.So with no further ado:-Muscle requires fuel/Success requires efforts-These two points are synonymous. In bodybuilding you have to go hard to gain mass. However what people forget or don’t know is that you have to feed the muscle as well. And not just three meals but eight. That’s right- you have to eat, eat, and eat to get your body to not just grow but maintain and or expand. Muscle is a leech on the body. It will take all you have and scream for more. Your body needs so much water I’d bet my readers are dehydrated. Now imagine trying to be Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Arnold, or Vic Martinez. Your need to give more to achieve. And its the same in business. The more you give the more you get. Fuel makes growth. Growth leads to success. Success in turn leads to wealth. And I’m sure we all agree that these are amiable and desirable goals for any and every businessman. -You have to feed your business.Your business can’t grow without food and or sacrifice. Your business will be nothing if it can’t grow. And anything that grows must be fed. Feed your business for results. Starve it for your day job to be your boss. -You have to feed your mind.If you are the boss, the leader, the CEO, or head honcho- If your mind is empty so is your wallet, payroll, and business cycle. You, no we have to work daily if not hourly to make ourselves better. Think Micheal Jordan only shot hoops? Think Bobby Fischer only played chess? Think again. Growth comes with work and feeding. Feed your mind and you will lead your team and have faster conversions. Why fail when growing you will take you places?…-You have to feed your clients.Clients want new product. They want change. They want new. If you won’t or can’t give them that than expect a smaller revenue base and short lived fame. Sorry but these are the people who spend the money. The people who support you day in and day out. The very people you need want you to succeed. Give them and they will return the favor. -You have to feed your team.You’re not a leader if your team is failing.Leadership is about growing and showing your team the light in a business world that is in darkness. What I wrote above-apply but more vehemently. As your team grows, not in numbers but intellect, methods, and rebuttals- you will all win. -Growth.A recap of sorts but growth is life.You can’t get better if you don’t grow.Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t reign if he didn’t grow. Body building, wealth building, and personal success all require that you grow. So will you stutter step or grow?


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