Tip Of The Day: Eat Before You’re Hungry

Eat Before Your Hungry.

This one simple concept may save your physique.
Like many people I push meals to the side as I power through my day. Picking at snacks and ignoring my prepackaged meals from home, I often don’t make a move toward food till the hunger is gnawing at me.

The solution: Listen to my body- NO. Anticipate my needs based on what should be my planned intake.
As an avid weight lifter and bodybuilding hopeful I know better. And yet I don’t follow through- any of you in my shoes?
I’ll assume a few of you out there know what I’m talking about. However when we don’t eat to succeed we are prone to failure.
You see it’s simply a choice.
What Do You Want Most?
Today as I sit and write this I just finished my snack.
After having had a protein and coffee shake for breakfast. Add vanilla flavored protein to coffee as a simple way to pack in the protein and avoid skipping breakfast.
In about an hour I will have lunch.
Then around 2pm or 3pm I will have another snack. Fyi I eat stone-ground whole wheat bread with about 3 servings of peanut butter on it, and I bring two with me daily to work.
This simple to follow and easy to make meal system makes eating decently at work a task possible for anyone.
Don’t like my choices?
Substitute your preferences at will.
There is no right or wrong protein choice.
The wrong choice is not to feed the machine.


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