Todays Sample Day 1: Applied Nutriceuticals- Black Cats

So I got my hands on 5 samples of Applied Nutriceuticals Black Cats and I figured I’d share my results.
Now me, I’m a coffee guy. Heck, I’m a caffeine guy period- Always liked it. And in the last month I’ve had to pull a lot of long nights. Hospital runs, ill spouse, bus strike at work- yup New York is hectic. And I needed a boost. Enter stage right Black Cats. A smartly named product that has a two pill serving in each sample I received, was pretty cool. As advertised there was no jitters, and no crash. I didn’t feel that rush you get from some energy drinks and powders but I was aware of feeling more alert and awake.
It kicked in pretty quick too, maybe 30 minutes at most.
With an average price around $11 bucks for a 60 ct it isn’t as pricey as an energy shot or a can of those sugary energy drinks.
Ill try one more sample before I give my final verdict tomorrow.


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