Today’s Supplement Day 2: Applied Nutriceuticals- Black Cats

Applied Nutriceutical’s Black Cats
Day 2.

Okay folks. Well I learned something today.
Each one of those little packages has 2 servings. So when I took this nifty little energy booster I didn’t need two by their labeling/recommendations.

The bad news: Nothing. No side effects, no issues.
The good news: I like this supplement. It’s good stuff.
The lack of jitters and crash is pretty cool and is not too common in an energy boosting product.

The focus boost was good but I don’t expect anymore focus than a cup of coffee with any of these products. I’d be more inclined to say your ability to focus on stimulants will dictate how well you perform on these types of products.

Overall the lack of crash is this product’s key selling point. The over-sugared beverages that largely consume this market seem to all have an accompanying crash and that is annoying. Black Cat’s currently the leader in the pill format and possibly overall. I’ve been pleased with it and will probably use it over the weekend to see what if any change there is while I loaf around my house during this possible “blizzard.”
Lastly the price on every site I saw looks quite reasonable. Every bottle is less than 20 bucks. And with an energy drink being upwards of $3 bucks a pop this is a frugal fitness buffs dream! $90 bucks for 30 energy drinks or $22 bucks for a month for Black Cats… Do the math friends.

When all my reviews are done we will add a polling post to see what everyone thinks is the best energy boosting day to day supplement.


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