Pre And Post Gym Stack- Chest And Triceps

Today I’m doing chest and triceps aka my favorite workout. I do light cable biceps for the stretch and preacher curl to accentuate the former.
I’ve got 3 products in today’s stack:
-Six Star creatine one serving-20 grams I think.
-50 grams of Muscletech/Eas Chocolate protein- I do a scoop of each. And water and unsweetened almond milk in my shaker cup. -And G Fuel pre workout in the third container.

The G Fuel is a new pre-workout for me.
Will report on it later.

Just wanted to share what I like to take for the gym. Fyi- I drink some of the creatine and some of the protein right before my workout so there is fuel in my tank 😉


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