Review: G FUEL

So if you saw my earlier post you know I had a 3 part stack for my workout today.
I used creatine, protein, and a pre-workout.
A lot of people think creatine is bad. Wait I’ll rephrase- a lot of people I know think its bad. And a lot of people don’t read or do their research. My motto is don’t stay on anything too long. I cycle off creatine too folks. Nothing forever so my body grows on its own.
Protein- we all know is essential.
And pre-workout’s just make sense.
I don’t always need a boost after work but it never hurts. And the added focus and drive is great. Hey, I’m trying to #GetBrolic.
So today I tried G FUEL by Gamma Labs.
And I’m impressed to say the least.

First off its sugar free. That is always a plus as I have no problem adding calories or weight currently. So extra sugar is just fat in my diet. Also sugar free meant that the boost I got today had nothing to do with a sugar rush and there was no sugar crash either.

Second it had great focus. I mean great! As a weightlifting/bodybuilding enthusiast returning to my sport I can get discouraged with the minuscule weight I currently lift. However tonight I had great focus and powered through my sets and did more weight and with less breaks. Quicker intervals can make a big difference and done just right make your weightlifting aerobic. G fuel really gave me focus.

Third and last I had great energy. I didn’t feel super pumped per say but I powered through my workout and quit at muscle failure not when my inner old man cried.
You guys know what I mean. That voice that tells you to ease up. Well he was silent, I got good gains, and G Fuel gets a good rating.

As a first time sampling of G Fuel I’d give this product 4 out of 5 stars. It was smooth and effective.
It was also great tasting and super soluble. That’s right folks. None of that seedy back alley grit at the bottom or that cheap chemical taste. I. Reached out to Gamma Labs for samples and was denied but I’m fairly confident I will buy a container of this when I catch a good sale.


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