I present to you the BlenderBall.


Perhaps the best thing to happen to my workout since the benchpress.

I love my time in the gym.  My main aim is to #GetBrolic. And as such my supplements and gear need to be up to par.  And as anyone who mixes protein up for a pre or post workout shake knows there is nothing more aggravating than those annoying clumps of powder that don’t mix properly with your liquid of choice be it water or milk etc etc.

I hate those clumps with fervor, seriously they suck.  GNC solved that problem for me though.  While meandering down the aisles I saw a mix cup with an item inside and upon inspection I realized it was the BlenderBall.  I bought it asap and havent looked back since.  This one item has made my shakes damn near perfect.  The clumps are gone, the mix is just right, and I get all the protein I put in the cup.

If there is one item you go out and, buy let it be this.  If you are making any kind of supplement shake that involves powders BUY THIS.


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