So its leg day finally and I’m doing all machines.
I’m choosing to focus on form rather free weight blah, blah, blah…
I’m not saying it isn’t better the other way, I’m saying I need to set it off this way.
Get my routine up to snuff and then its a free for all with legs.

Also I don’t know about the rest of you but I slept on legs for years. Doing a cursory pass at them or skipping them all together.
But how can u build one half brutally and skip the other? You can’t. And for the freaks- I know I shouldn’t start that last sentence with but- but I don’t care! Its a #gymrat blog. Get used to it.

I also always had big legs so I wasn’t too motivated for size gains like the chicken leg squad. What can I say, I was capt bird chest so I focused there.

Lastly, do you guys/gals bring your own music to the gym?
I do. After college I always have. At one point I had an ipod nano and a cellphone. Now I just use my blackberry bold 9900.
Now I come to the gym dolo, and if I see a #gymrat compatriot and we are working the same body parts I’m down for a team effort. In general though I go it alone. MadMax beyond meathead-dome if you will.
I personally love to have my own playlist-
A hypelist if you will.
I let my gym playlist aka hypelist get me pumped like a preworkout. I even have one song just for breaking personal bests.
And the trick to these playlists my friends is making that list exclusive to your workouts. When you hear those songs all the time they lose their magic for hyping you up. Much like caffeine, when you overdose it loses its efficacy faster.
-Make the list.
-Keep it exclusive.


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