On the 18th, about 3 days ago I did chest and triceps- it was a great workout too.
I finally broke back into the two plate range and got 6 exercises for chest done as well.

6 sets flat bench, big bar
4 sets decline bench, big bar
4 sets incline bench, big bar
5 sets Cables from the top
4 sets Cables from the bottom
5 sets Angled pec Deck

Now I’m not advocating that this workout will make you a monster, I just like it. And in a few weeks I’ll vary it. And after that I’ll switch to dumbbells from the big bar.
No matter what muscles you work or what your goal is- variation is key.

As for triceps I did only cables utilizing the curl bar and the rope. The focus was more on elongated motions. Basically I wanted to stretch and tone not add mass.

Now for the good stuff: Stack of the Day.
I took-
hydroxycut harcore elite by muscletech- 2 pills.
test x180 by Force Factor 1pill with breakfast and 1 before the gym.
creatine 8 grams via six star, which if you don’t know is also made my muscletech.
And of course 40 grams of chocolate protein via nitrotech from muscletech.
So today was kind of a muscletech day lol.
Last but not least my preworkout was Monsterpump by Cytosport.
This preworkout touts an impressive list of ingredients I might add.

Overall today’s stack was great. I had monstrous energy and focus and got all my supps in great quantity. As for MonsterPump…


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