Now I’m no Atkins advocate.
And they didn’t pay me for this.

However I was trolling the net and found an offer for a free atkins package with three full size samples.

So I said hey, why not?
I plugged in my info and about 2 weeks later I got my package. Coupons, info, and 3 bars. And having now eaten all three of them I’m pretty pleased. They were great tasting and better than most junk that’s out.
Now I didn’t do this to lose weight, or look trim.
I simply wanted some snacks.
And who doesn’t like freebies?
It also might be just what you’re looking for.
The Atkins plan works and there substitutes were great tasting and had a healthy amount of protein in each.
And we all know I love protein ;).

The body is a machine,
Machines need fuel.
Google (or Bing) Atkins freebies and get your free Fuel!


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