So I’m doing flat bench presses with the big bar. And I’m hoping to get to two plates for a few sets. When I feel plates being moved on my bench mid set and when I glance over the guy is staring as well. Huh!?!

Don’t rack your weights on my bench while I’m lifting.

Yes you richard.
You know who you are you bunch of Nixons.
There is literally no need for you to put those plates on the bench I’m using. And not just the bench I’m on- ANY bench in use.
Focus is key. And you F up a bodybuilders when you are racking on his isht. I don’t need the noise or to feel it being banged into place.

A- there are other places to rack those weights.

B- I know a lot of haters go to the gym. And most of them don’t do shit else at the gym but buy Red Bull. Or they feel inferior or actually are.

Call me a jerk, I am one. But I know the gym etiquette.
I know that you deserve the same things I want.
Its called reciprocity folks. Try it.


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