Simple Post.
Super Cheat.

Every morning before work when I make my coffee- I add protein.
12 ounces coffee,
8 ounces milk/almond milk,
2 teaspoons of sugar (okay, okay 3 teaspoons),
And 2 scoops aka 40+54 grams of vanilla protein.

Its my makeshift breakfast. Heck the body fortress brand has taurine in it!
A nice little additive to be sure.

So I get close to 60 grams of protein right after I wake up with my coffee.
I’m alert.
I’m fed.
And my monster has been given its fuel.
I can be assured that I will pass 100 grams of protein due to this one move.

Now a lot of people will bitch and moan about my using a “lower quality protein.”
I think its quite sensible, frugal, and tastes good. And since I buy it a lil cheaper I can buy more of it.

I’m body building on a budget folks.
I have bills, and I have aspirations.

Join me in my pursuit of excellence.


Ok the last one was a stretch so instead


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