Quick Lessons from Conan the Barbarian

So I’m watching Conan the Barbarian and my readers know I’m an Arnold fan. Forget his personal drama but his story of success is mezmorizing and useful as a point of reference.

Conan practiced his arts regularly. Once he became a slave fighter he increased his skill set. He mastered different arts and fighting skills as well as writing, reading, and philosophy. Though only a slave he embraced these lessons to be his best.
Arnold did this to win Mr. Olympia as well. Over, and over again.
Practice makes perfect folks. Always in all ways.

-Steadfast Dedication.
Practice works but you have to commit. Steadfast dedication means you eat sleep and breathe your goals and dreams. There is no life that doesn’t stem from this mindset. Every action you take derives from it. This is the hardest obstacle. Its not making a decision…

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