Ever notice that people aren’t willing to let others success simply be?
I was talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and other Olympic bodybuilders with some coworkers. And you know what the common theme and first responses to my holding these men in such high esteem was?
‘Yeah he roided up.”
‘You can’t get that big without cheating.”
‘Steroids kill.’
And finally-
‘He couldn’t do that naturally.’

Now the use of steroids isn’t the issue for this article. My three points of contention are as follows:
-People hate/are jealous without rhyme or reason.
People will hate you. Simple truth. Hate and anger are usually internal issues turned outwards. And what that means is that most people will find a reason to hate you. And the greater you become the more hate you will garner. As with the Schwarzenegger issue. People found reasons to hate his success. They slandered and denigrated…

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