Today’s workout starts with pancakes and coffee with sugar,protein, and milk. Say 30 grams of protein in my beverage alone.

I’ve got CLA to help boost my diet. It is said to reduce body fat, help increase lean muscle etc etc.
I can’t vouch for all that, but two years ago, CLA mixed with two other supplements and a diet that cut out food by 10pm helped me lose 30lbs and create a great body.

Pre wrek is a pre workout that I’ve used once before. This will be day 2 with it. And thanks to the good people at swole sports for reaching out to me and sending samples.

Testosterone Booster by Six Star Elite Series is said to boost free testosterone and it was on sale. 9 bucks instead of 12 bucks. Which isn’t bad at either price if it delivers.

Lastly I had a huge cup of coffee with protein and milk. Well, and sugar.
It gets me going, taste good and has about 30-35 grams of protein.

Now I’m off to do shoulders and legs.


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