Disgusting pic, I know.  It is also quite real.

If you want to look good and live good think about this picture every time you order certain dishes.

 Every time you eat that cake or drink that soda.  The human body is a dynamic and wondrous machine aka organism.  And as such it requires quality fuel.

Think about it this way- When you buy a Ferrari you have to use 93 Octane.  You can’t use 87 etc because the engine has specific needs..  You can’t make do.  And if you invested the cash for that exquisite automobile you will put 93 in it right?

So following this line of thought we can see that anything valuable needs the best to protect said value.

There is nothing I can conceive of with greater value than my body.

Maybe it’s because I’m an avid bodybuilder.  Or I paid to much attention in science and phys. ed, who knows.

What I do know is that eating trash makes me trash.  Drinking trash is just more of the same.  And to put low quality fuel in my body will give me oor results.

And from a strictly vain perspective that fat looks nasty!  I’ve got some of it on me know.  And I’m working on it with every choice I make.

Eat better, live better, build better.


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