Now I spoke about this earlier this week and I’m coming back around to it.  Diet will determine your successes and failures. Let me say that again: Diet will determine your successes and failures.  It is really that simple folks.  Life is choices.  Anyone who claims to be a bodybuilder or athlete knows this.  You can’t eat like a failure and expect success.  Your vision of your future is vastly important but so are your actions.  Lifting weights and training will only get you so far.  Healthy eating is the key to full-blown success.  And sleep of course, but that’s for another article.  Healthy eating is the foundation of physical strength.  Having healthy, well-balanced meals not only provides fuel for daily activities but builds muscle and creates stored reserves for future endeavors.  Muscles need carbs, and protein, as well as vitamins.  Carbs are one of the first things people cut nowadays when they want to trim down.  However that will hamper, if not outright sabotage your workout regimen.  The body is a machine requiring its proper fuels.  Zero carb diets are unhealthy in numerous ways and can even damage the brain.  Carbs are pure fuel for bodybuilders and weightlifters.  There are even new carb powders all over the supplement scene (Well they are new to me).  A healthy amount of carbs will insure your body doesn’t go catabolic and feast on existing muscle to give you energy to chase those gains.  Too many carbs and you may look like me- muscular with a spare tire.  Yup, it’s true.  This editor in chief was once a perfect specimen with 6% body fat.  I loved the gym and ate a lot better.  Well, I actually ate only 50% better but I did run a hell of a lot.  Now I’m chasing the dream.  I drink more water but still not enough.  I eat a lot less junk food too- and if you knew me you’d know I love junk food lol.

So now that we know we need carbs, just well timed and well proportioned let’s move on to protein.  Proteins are the much-needed much sold by supplement company super product.  To get 100+ grams of protein and better per day I rely on protein powders.  If you’ve read this blog you know I put it in my coffee, my shakes, even my juice if I can.  Protein powder is a great way to get your protein in.  It is also quite cost-effective if you shop around (and steak is expensive in large quantities lol).  Now some people will tell you they aren’t healthy.  Some people online are saying to stop asap.  Me, I’m holding out for Heaven.

Seriously though folks diet is key.  And those snacks in the picture above are trash.  additives and man-made junk that may help but is more than likely a fridgeful of trash.  Eat real food.

Fruits, vegetables, water and organic juices.

Fresh meats and poultry, pork and salmon.

Those are choices you want folks.  add vitamins and some carbs and you win.  Crappy snacks wont win you the NPC or IFBB- even if they come in 100 calorie pre-sorted portions.

Click the pic for a link to an amazing way to try the best supplements in the game.


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