How’d I drop 40lbs in 3 months?

I used some pills, cla etc.  I cut out soda and all juice as well. But as I was frequently up late i had to quench my voracious appetite.  And i used pickles and popcorn to do it.

Pickles are zero calorie snacks and the salt was negligible for the trade off they gave in taste and satisfying my hunger.

Popcorn- I bought those micro bags that are usually three for a dollar in the local CVS or RiteAid and let myself have up to two bags, three if the wife joined in in the snacking.  No added butter.  Small little bags, lots of taste.

These two snacking tips made a great deal of difference for me and will help you as well.  Remember folks- Substitution Beats Starvation Any Day Of The Week.





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