Some freebies, some samples, some paid for some gifted.
In all cases I’m putting in the time to let you know what works, what doesn’t, and who’s just charging too damn much.
A lot of companies, a lot of crap.

I started out not knowing one iota about bodybuilding and even less about supplements.
I knew enough to go 5 days a week and ease into it. In fact I never would have went if a girlfriend at the time hadn’t pointed out my tire. And so 12 years later I still have the weights and a better partner. And yeah, I took time off, and the weights came second to my love affair words. But the urge to lift returned and is fed regularly. Since 2006 I’ve maintained my membership at Dolphin Fitness on Eastchester Road in Bronx New York.
I love my gym. I love to lift.
I refused to use supplements, thinking it was akin to cheating.
I had no problem buying a can of super-caffinated tea and downing it, yeah that wasn’t different.
After about a year or so I realized there was a gap in both my knowledge and my gains. I asked around and decided to have go at it. Redline drink was good for the tired days and GNC supplied the protein via their own brand.
My brother in law put the icing on the cake. He put me on to great brands and supreme products that with a new program for lifting put me over 3 plates on two different benches.

As this last year unfolded I had back to back- back injuries- (pun intended), my wife was hospitalized, and myriad other distractions. In the mist of all this I decided on two things.

1. Be Competition quality in my physique.

2. Start a blog that samples the best supplements and chronicles my journey toward greatness.

And as such my love of writing and my love of bodybuilding have met in the middle.
I write about bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc. The focus though is on what supps work, and what supps suck.

Whether I pay or they pay the reviews will be raw!

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