SUPPLEMENTS 101 #GetBrolic

I don’t care what you take,
but take something.
Everyone needs a hand now and then, and having that hand ready when you need it will make all the difference in the gym.
A good pre-workout (thanks to @SwoleSports for the supply of Pre Wrek) will give you a boost in energy, pump, and focus if it’s on point. Not saying I need it or you need it- but that one day your dragging ass, and you let the pre-workout do its’ magic rather than skipping gym time-
the gains are great.
And it isn’t the “chemicals.”
It isn’t the product.
It’s the moment when your commitment to the gym is more than your commitment to bullshit.
Or comics.
Or chicks.

And if you checked out the other supps in the picture you will see 3 different brands of whey protein in 2 flavors. Chocolate always works. It is a main stay in my cabinet. Add some 2% milk and your gainz are enroute.
There is also a berry flavored whey.
Mixes great with fruit punch flavored creatines.
And the true reason- It tastes good if it gets warm. Mixed through with just water, if it gets lukewarm is bearable. And since I don’t put milk with this particular whey it can’t turn. No food poisoning.
Always have choices.
Always have supplements.

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