EmergenC- Review

So my box is just about over.
EmergenC was pretty cool.

Now most people know EmergenC, if they haven’t sampled it they know the branding at the very least.
EmergenC as a sampled it is a simple powdered supplement, aka vitamin mix. It comes in two or three flavors and

On the average I had 2 packs a day on work days and one on weekend days.
I did feel a boost.
Not a huge one but a boost for sure. I think if I had this product twice a day, 7 days a week, for three months I’d get more out of it.
Its taste was pretty damn good.
Now I chose the raspberry because I thought it would appeal to the misses as well. No dice. She wasn’t pleased. The trick was though use 6-8 ounces of water at max and make sure the water was COLD. When I did that she enjoyed it and I enjoyed it even more.

I bought a box on sale at Target for about 8 dollars and change which is about 2 bucks off the going rate. A lot of people pay 1 dollar a packet. Too much in my opinion but you folks be the judge.

Overall I like the product and it’s perceived benefit. I only say perceived because I have no actual clinical data. Do I think I got a boost?
Do I think it was worth the dollars?
Is there a better choice?
I think so.
Sadly, I think I already tried the competitor and liked it better.

Save that for April. Next month, next purchase.


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