If you want large arms you can’t ignore your triceps. A lot of guys think “big guns” come from working biceps.
I Call Bullshit.

To give your arms true girth you have to hit your triceps- AND HARD. It’s simply how it works. A lot of chest workouts, when I’m done I do biceps on cables and machine preacher curl- but I will do 4-6 exercises for trcieps on cables.
Curl bar, I max it out. Multiple positions on the grip, multiple sets.
Then I grab the rope and get wild.
The triceps are worked heavy in my chest workout. Ideally in all chest workouts.
I do:
8 sets flat bench, big bar.
4 sets incline bench, big bar.
4 sets decline bench, big bar.
Then I do cables- top/bottom and a butterfly press on machine.
And even on that I alternate and switch it up. Which leads to my next point:

Variety is key. For your arms to grow you need variety. Trick the muscle. Change it up a lot. Cables, positioning, grips, rope length, all of these factors come into play. Nothing will help you more than variation- except knowing your body.
And for some the sleep and eating- but if you are serious- you know that already.

Heavy won’t always work.
I’ve had great growth by doing excess, controlled reps.
Heavy weight isn’t always a muscle builder.
Don’t get me wrong. You need the weight. But you need a lot of reps at times for the shock effect. This is where the aforementioned variety ties in. Mix these two concepts for maximum growth.

Arm day do high calorie day.
Flood it with nutrients.
What you want the most has to be fed the most. You can’t expect to keep that pretty trim waist forever, through every cycle, and gain mass simultaneously.
Build a monument and then chisel it folks.
For my catabolic folks maybe not.
For my 6ft tall, 270 mofos- Do It My Way.

If all else fails, over-train.
Muscles respond to action.
WorKing one major once a week- BULLSHIT.
There is NO substitute for working out. Do more weights less cardio.
Make your body and your mentality know that you are the master, and your plan will be heeded.

I have good biceps- no question.
And it shows. Damn near to the elbows.
The growth is insane.
And I stress the shit out of my triceps. Why?
It always worked. From 1999 to now. Skullcrushers never scared me because I knew what was on the other side of the rainbow.


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