You work hard.
You play harder.
You put your all into everything you do, and you deserve to come home and eat a meal fit for a king.
A good brew makes it all the better. bb21
And being a smart guy/gal you know that bing drinking is so 90’s. It also pours on that fat. So you stretch that six pack.
You have your beer(s) singular not plural.
Smart choice right- Wrong.
That 1 beer is adding 15 lbs a year to your weight.
Moderation works you say?
Not Really.
1 extra beverage x 365 days is a lot of empty calories.
I’m not advocating you count every calorie.
I’m advocating smart calories folks.
If one beer a day can add 15 lbs to my waistline then I personally will switch off.
That one beer is great with dinner, I’m the first to admit it. And when I worked manual labor and contracting that cold one after a long day was great.
However, gaining 15 lbs and having no muscle to show for it seems crazy these days.bb22

One of my bodybuilding heros, Jay Cutler says ‘I eat for function not flavor.’ And while I love a great meal, I think he has the right slant when you want to change your body up.


Lastly folks I’m doing the 3 day diet again, 4nd week in a row. Hoping to drop an additional 10 lbs.
See you at the finish line.


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