3 Day Diet Round 2

Alrighty folks, this week I’m doing the 3 Day Diet all over again.
Who’s with me?

Quick note: after 5 days off the diet, at my am weigh in I’d only gained back 3 lbs for a total loss of 7.
Not to shabby when you figure I semi gorged myself on the ice cream on Thursday and went to Wendy’s Friday after having spirits, Outback Steakhouse Saturday, and leftovers from the aforementioned venue on Sunday.

I’m aiming to drop 10 lbs more this go round and lose no more than 3. at that rate I will have a minimum drop of 14 lbs assuming that I stay at a flat drop of 10.

Now I’m doing cardio this week- 40 minutes each day of the diet and I expect that to up the number.
I also had grapefruit for day 1 not orange as the meal plan called for.

Let’s see how it goes.


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