We did the diet 4 weeks straight.
And I lost 37 lbs total but only kept off about 19 it seems.
At first I was quite dismayed.
However it seems that my results are quite common.
So I’m a little less pissed off and a lot more fad diet friendly.

A good friend at work sought out my advice on supplements after buying Cellucor CLK and MHP XPEL (hey L!). It is no secret at work that I run this blog. I’m all about my gains and my partner and I are both trying to raise the bar whether we are at our proverbial 9-5 together or elsewhere. So I was honored when asked and delved right into my favorite research topic: Supplements.
Both products are laced with quality ingredients and seem worth the money.

For now though let’s talk about MHP XPEL.
MHP, aka Maximum Human Performance.
This New Jersey based company has the goods. I bought their capped funnel so much I gave one away to another coworker.
after vetting the ingredients in XPEL I decided to try it myself.
XPEL is labeled as a extreme muscle defining formula.
It is said to offer rapid water loss,
Be all natural,
And be beneficial to both men and women.
With a price under $16 dollars I figured it was a good buy as well.

Besides its proprietary blend, listed ingredients include:
vitamin b6,
green tea leaf extract,
guarana seed extract,
juniper berry fruit,
horsetail extract,
buchu leaf,
dandelion root,
uva ursi leaf,
And one or two other ingredients.

Many of you will call it a diuretic based on what it claims to do for you.
And many of you will look at the above ingredients list and say: yup- diuretic.

And both groups would be right.
Excess water weight makes many of us look slack and does nothing for our gains and long hours spent defining our physique.
Now I haven’t cared about a 6 pack (let alone an 8 pack) since I was 25.

However, I realized recently that if I’m going to talk the talk I’ve got to walk it as well- in every format.
And that means carving up my masterpiece physique, not just adding slabs of muscle.
And so I’ve done the diets and now the pills are here.
The bottle contains a 10 day regimen and advises you only do 10 days straight. So I will take a break after my 1.5 weeks of 4 pills per serving, 2 servings per day.

Results will be posted twice.


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