Don’t sing in the gym.

We don’t want to hear you.
There is this one dick head in my gym who does it every time he is there.

And it isn’t his choice of music that irks me- its his voice. He sounds like an asshole that talks after my dog rubs it on concrete.
Nice right?
Whether he raps, sings, or mixes it- I’m annoyed. And a quick perusal in the gym long mirrors shows a lot of people feel the same.

Do you- on your time and in your home. At the gym I have headphones and I may grunt but it isn’t for 8 straight minutes.

And this guy, he even wears his sunglasses in the gym.
You see my problem with this Gym Jerk is that he is too bust trying to project his image as opposed to working out and leaving.
For real guys and gals- workout, leave. If you need to super-set it is fine. I use one end of a tower for an hour at times. I just do it when I’m not interrupting others. I track my time, my usage and my gains. All smart stuff.
What I don’t do is sing and annoy people with dancing and acting out like a 9 year old begging for attention for a long gone, semi-forgotten father.
Ouch- I sound like a jerk sure.
But the A-hole who acts like it is his gym- yeah please push him down a flight of stairs.


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