I’ve been thinking a lot lately on what I’ve done wrong- in the gym specifically.
You see I fell into the average guy trap: I worked what I wanted. No, I worked what I felt was small so I would look big.
I’m an idiot.
And I think I’m not alone.
No offense folks but I know a lot of my people, my friends are guilty too.
You see we want to be big, large and in charge. And its all we think about. Strength with a lot of flash, aka size makes us feel secure, strong and powerful.
That pump Arnold talks about in Pumping Iron, is an amazing feeling. And to feel it all the time because your body is in a constant state of progression is heaven.
I love feeling and seeing the gym results.

And I got stupid, cocky if you will.
I skipped all kinds of isht.
For today let’s look at legs.

I skipped legs for years.
Initially I ran a lot so it wasn’t an issue.
Fast forward 5 years and I went back to that.
Fast forward to 2010 and beyond and my attitude was; F it. My legs are large. Only little guys worry about legs.
Idiot me.
Now granted the size of my calves and quads make me feel good.
They are massive. I’m not bragging it’s just genetics I guess.
However, I wasn’t working these muscle groups and it cost me greatly.
When you skip a large muscle like the quads You cheat you.
Let me say that again:
You cheat you.
That’s it. Simple mathematics.
When I skip legs I loose the testosterone boost that enhances growth, healing, mood, balance, you name it.
When I skip legs I lose the HGH boost that comes when the body is forced to meet demand by working the largest muscles my body has.

The human body is one organism, a community of muscle if you will and when you don’t work said community as a whole the results are disastrous.
Will you build size?
Sure I do.
Will you build better?
Absolutely not.
As I’ve added a leg day over the last 7 weeks I’ve had great gains in energy, mass, and definition.
I also feel like a monster. Literally. And it feels great.
My body is in love with me.
Our bond is reciprocal.
The love is requited.
Now I know I sound funny but it’s real!

To work on my chest and triceps and ignore my legs was- IS foolish.
I left half my body behind to vanity.
Do I look better naked as a result? No.
Will I win a contest ignoring my quads and glutes? No.
Will my muscles respond better? No.

Overall there is no gain to be had focusing on the upper body.
You may feel like you’re gaining mass or definition, or both- but what is the point if your legs are sticks or not equally carved?
There is no point.

I’ve had wonderful gains making my body as a whole the focal point.
Do I love working chest? Always.
My triceps and biceps? Love them too.
My legs? They are the newest investment and the ROI has been tremendous.

Join me in some Gainz!


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