So I’m watching Pumping Iron for like the 40th time.
Okay, the 57th I think.

Maybe more who knows folks, I just love this flick. And having been into shaping my body since about 17 years old and getting this flick at age 30 I was way behind lol.
But as I get older I’ve gotten about 2% smarter- maybe less. But as I watch this iconic bodybuilding movie over and over I find that certain things stick out more and more.

Is the movie great?
Without question.
However when I watch Lou Ferigno’s dad I can’t help but wonder if the people who run cable television didn’t use him as the prototype for the stage mom shows.
You guys know the show. They have the young children trying to be Lil Ms Tennessee et al. And every step of the way there stage mom is there to over do it. To take credit where they don’t participate. To bully, curse, scream, yell, cry and parade.
Now Mr. Ferigno wasn’t so bad but I find him laughable. The way he talks- the simple tones, and nuances are indicative that he took himself a bit too seriously. When he said you help him from where you sit?!
Come On!!!
Dude you aren’t doing jack! He is up there alone. You may have played the support role but you’re lying to yourself sir (apologies to the deceased). You may have played a support role but so does a bat boy on the New York Yankees.
Now I know a lot of you will be pissed at me for being a callous prick but I’m honest.
When I build muscle-
I Build Muscle.
That’s it. My wife mixes up the protein and supports my endeavors but I sweat it out. I curse Tony for the missed reps and shitty form. And then I force Tony to be better.

I meant this article to be quite satirical or flat out pompous. If you have seen the movie and you can get past your base emotions You will laugh with me.
The movie was intentionally done in just such a way to as to pit Matty and Lou in that mindset and shitty little gym against the California king Arnold- in the blond, airy, mecca of weights.
So laugh with me.
See the irony.
And #Salute Real Fathers.
Hey Dude did travel to Africa with his seed to advance his abilities.


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