I was reading Men’s Fitness, yup I have a subscription, and I realized that I don’t track my caloric intake at all.
Sure I make sure I get 60-200 grams a protein- most days. But I ignore calories.
I think my diet being carb heavy is great for my muscles and muscle regeneration. However ignoring my caloric count is crazy I just realized.
Even the wild swing of my protein count is disgusting. If I don’t hit the gym or have my morning coffee which I add 25-50 grams of protein too- I have a lot less protein than needed. I have a good amount of protein most days for sure, but to burn fat and maintain muscle I’m off point for sure.
What’s next you ask?
Will I change?
Should I?
Do I need to?

I’m pretty damn sure I need the change.
And this blog is my motivator.
For those that haven’t hit the about page, or don’t know me well I hurt my back 11 months and have been on a track to greatness for the last 3 months now. Once I got clearance from the doctor I went in.
I changed workouts, bought better supplements, and put my mind in the muscle. Literally. I used my mind to find a better albeit different approach to sculpting my physique and I’ve loved it.
And then today I realize I’m a dumbass.
Feel free to join me in saying it.
Action plan: simply to do what I’ve done but watch my calorie count without logging it.
I will also add 20 more grams a day of protein to get my body.
That’s it. Nothing drastic. No paper to pen. I will announce this here on my blog and tell the wife and friends and coworkers so I have vast accountability.
Heck I may add some crunches too.


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