So I want those Cannon shoulders- and bad.
However I always obsess over my chest and triceps.
And we all know that when we obsess on one or two target aka “favorite” areas we are simply cheating ourselves.

This time I tried something a little different. I skipped heavy military presses for shoulders for once and did a crap load of side laterals with light weight and I repped out. I did 10-22 reps per set and had a ton of sets.
Then I used a lot of machines to do exercises like reverse pec-deck and the likes.
Did it work?
Heck Yeah!
I’m sore as hell and excited to boot.
I know that this workout will be a key stepping stone to rebuilding my physique and its’ proportions as I got excited as I did it and today, the day after.
I’m amped up like I did a good chest workout and that’s perhaps my favorite workout day, exercise, body part/group.

Lesson learned:
Make it count. Change the game up.
I went opposite of my normal route and had great gains.

Join me in bodybuilding success.


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