Want Gains? Be Consistent

So you workout a lot.
You lift hard, you train hard.
You think you are Adonis.

However, you can’t be the GymJerk or MeatHeat.
Because you are inconsistent.
Growth comes from repetition.
Now the idiots are going to challenge me right there- and say that doing the same thing over and over doesn’t yield gains.
Idiots, dickheads, and your friends too-
Listen close: I’m not talking about doing the same exercise over and over. I’m talking about putting in the same time and the same effort.

That’s life. You have to add variation.
Even if you are an advertising exec- you can’t pitch one idea. You have to not just move with the times but move beyond them.

Let’s move beyond that to the MeaT.

Folks you have to LIFT. A LOT
Point blank period
. That is it.
And I don’t mean a lot at once. I mean day in day out.
At least 5 days a week
The guy who goes according to his schedule, his free time- Get’s Nowhere.
Basically you have to commit.
Consistently eating right.
Consistently sleeping right.
Consistently lifting.
Consistently hitting the gym.
Consistently working out.
Consistently growing.
Consistently learning.

You don’t have to do the same thing.
You don’t have to eat the same thing.
You do have to carve out the same dollars, time, devotion, and commitment.


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One Response to Want Gains? Be Consistent

  1. Bar Science says:

    Consistency is hella important!

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