Known Your Body Type

So. You want to be Brolic- that’s good, real good.

You know about diet.
Eating for gains and for trimming down- smart man.

And you know all about sleep.
That you need 8-9 for maximum growth- even though you only get about six.
Hey you’re trying bro- good stuff.

Do you know your body type though?

Knowing what start point you are working for will make all the difference in the world.

While not always right on it is a sensible.

Endomorph: Is a little more squat. Can gain muscle well but stores fat and leans to husky if not on track with diet and schedule.

Mesomorph: is more athletic in build. Easily gains muscle and burns fat very well and regularly without much prompting.

Ectomorph: is quite skinny. Has a super fast metabolic rate and trouble gaining muscle. He may be lean but edges towards scrawny in many cases.

Now there is more to this but I’m just giving a primer to my loyal readers.

As always I’m no doc, heck I aint too bright-
But I know how to get right.
And you should always do your homework folks and vet what you read here and elsewhere.
Due diligence is the spice of life.



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