Da Vinci

vinciNot my normal post but Da Vinci was a master of the mind, body, and arts.Da Vinci studied the human body keenly to learn its secrets, inner workings, and gifts to man kind.
And so I posit that we must all do same.                                                                                     Learn your body.

Learn your hearts desire.  

An intimate knowledge of the mind and body- scratch that- An intimate knowledge of one’s one body and mind will unleash the potential that is in you.  Building muscle, being limber, or just getting your resting metabolic rate up are all going to happen a lot easier if you know you.  See where your body is to see where it can go.  Move beyond your friends concepts of bodybuilding, and beyond your own need to sculpt only your favorite body parts.  Growth and a unique physique are easily within your grasp.



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