Arnold Did Triceps- You Do Them Too!

Triceps are pretty important.
They make up a large part of your arm and your overall strength.

Arnold Knew to kill his triceps for mass, strength, and definition.
And so as Arnold did Triceps so must you.

Skull crushers, rope pull downs. Curl bar super sets at the cable station- anything and everything to build massive triceps.
Besides adding dimension to your arm, working triceps heavily will give you greater strength in your bench press and myriad other exercises.

I personally work my triceps with just cables 2-3 times a week using various, grips, ropes, curl bars and assumed positions.
Over working my triceps is immensely satisfying visually, and strength wise. And as always variation is key with this muscle.
But hey, don’t take my word for it-
Hit the weights, be a man.


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