Life Lift Protein Bar from VPX

I recently had a chance to sample Life Lift Protein Bars from VPX.

VPX isn’t new to the supplement game but the Life Lift bar is a new product.

This Protein Bar consists of:
20 grams protein
20 grams of fiber
Is Gluten Free
Is non GMO
Is Made in USA
Has 0 grams of sugar
And instead has only 3 grams of sugar alcohols.

The flavor I chose was cinnamon Bunz Ablaze and it was great. It was a little heavy on the cinnamon but real tasty.
It wasn’t the nasty old school protein bar but a different texture and taste that was quite pleasing.
Being all natural and not GMO was a huge plus as well. Healthy choices aren’t always available and this one even has 20 grams of fiber which is quite rare. Fiber is a huge deal and most people don’t get enough.
It also has a standard 20 grams of protein. Not a bad amount- I’d like there to be more but I won’t hate on VPX as this protein bar overall is pretty dope.
Lastly it has no sugar, just sugar alcohols. Now this seems to be healthier and safer but my research is waning in this department.

Overall this protein bar had the taste, efficacy, solubility, and cost that will appeal to most gym enthusiasts.
It will cost a bit more than the normal bars but you get what you pay for folks.


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