HGHpro Supplement Review

HGHpro review is in folks.
AI Sports Nutrition provided this bottle for my use and review and the verdict is in
These purple pills ingredients include:
-Vitamin C
-Green Tea
Mucuna Pruriens
-GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric Acid)
Alpha-GPC (AlphaSize®)
And their proprietary blend called
Human Growth Hormone Potentiator Complex.

It is said to
-Promote Optimal HGH Production,
-Improves Body Composition,
-Increase Strength,
-Promote clear skin,
-Improve recovery,
-Promote deeper sleep as well.

Now let us get down to the nitty gritty:

This product was a let down. 

It may deliver if I use a steady 3-4 months of it, but honestly I didn’t see a quantifiable difference.  There was some improved sleep which was really nice as muscle isn’t built in the gym but when we rest.  I may have had a better recovery as well but as previously stated there was no real evidence.  AI Sports Nutrition has sent me other product samples and some were quite effective.  I have high hopes for this product line but am not sure what it’s future holds.  The sleep factor is pretty sweet and if you’re willing to buy a 3 month supply I’d wager you may like this supplement.


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