biPro 100% Whey Protein Review

A few months ago the good folks over at biPro sent me a whey protein package consisting of a 2lb tub, 24 individual servings, a few mini-cookbooks, and 2 shaker bottles with the wonderful blenderballs included.
This product excited me as its potential based on my research and their website seemed amazing.  For the last 6 months I’ve been sampling brands and building my arsenal of protein powders.  Suffice it to say I DO MY HOMEWORK.

That being said biPro did not meet my expectations.                                                                    biPro exceeded them.  Everything I was told via labeling and emails was true.    Gluten free, 0 carb, fat free and sugar free to boot! Lets take a closer look at this one folks.

The taste was amazing.  It mixed so well in my post workout shakes that I opted instead to use it in my coffee.  At first one scoop, then two scoops.  Let me clarify- I loved its flavor because it was unflavored.  And there are many unflavored proteins on the market, but biPro didn’t take away from anything I added it to.  It blended really well.  I used biPro everyday for months with the exception of a few Sundays which are generally my lazy days.

biPro is incredibly soluble as well.  it mixed so easy you would not believe it was in there.  Which for me is amazing.  I don’t see that quite often.  Blenderballs help any product but biPro may not have needed it.  I suggest this mainly because when you touch biPro its texture is so smooth.  I’d liken it to how people compare sand at beaches in New York to sand in St. Lucia.

biPro is also incredibly effective.  I found I had good, consistent gains for the duration of my use of biPro.  I added some good size and kept it on.  I was also coming off a six month hiatus from the weights due to a back injury.  Now I’m not sure that played a role, but I will tell you for sure this stuff works.  I’d love to be taking 200 grams of biPro a day.

Which leads to my next point- biPro is expensive.  By comparison.  2lbs will run you $49.95 which is pricey.  I recently bought 6lbs of Cytosport brand protein for about $42.30.  So I can see where it wont be the first choice for most of my readers.  Is it worth the money? Yes.  Will I buy biPro in the near future? Absolutely.

“BiPro- 100% natural with no fillers or additives! This allows BiPro to be Fat Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, and 0g Carbs. With a 22g serving size you obtain 20g of protein with only 80 calories! Plus BiPro is unflavored so you choose the flavor.” That quote direct from biPro is enough in my opinion to warrant a try folks.

Hey, You Get What You Pay For Folks!


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