BodyBuilding Tip of the Day: Seated Pull Downs

I think seated pull downs are a slept on exercise.
Oh yeah, a lot of people do them but its part of a routine.
It is just an add on. Like lettuce with my steak relabeled as garnish.

Use a long bar and do the seated pull downs in front of your neck, not just behind your neck.

The last trick to this bar is to use this same motion with an inward facing close grip-

“Oh wait, do you mean I’m simulating pull ups while I’m seated as well now?

It not only saves you time because you aren’t switching grips or machines, or walking over to the pull up station.
Also pull ups are hard to get into the habit of and also if like me you weight over 250 lbs its not as easy as just doing the exercise.
This cheat will get your muscles familiar with the motion and serve as a bridge to your ultimate goal of multiple sets of pull ups.


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