Oh Snap! Novatest Is On Deck!!!


So if you know me you know I love supplements.

Heck! I started this blog because I love them.
Any advantage in my sport of choice, bodybuilding, is acceptable.
Wrist straps, weight belts, supplements, music, et al- I’m there.
Steroids I’m not there yet.

What the future holds- who knows.
So far I’m anti-roids. However the medical applications are so vast and profound I can’t see a reason why steroids aren’t sensible.

Now before everyone starts hating or getting angry- if you took jack3d or Neurocore in the early days of these 2 products- you failed drug tests.
Scratch that noise- if you take a lot of stuff found in gnc, befit supps, et al- you’re a semi juicer by standards of wada etc.
Yeah it’s like that.

Folks I paid for this round of Novatest on a great sale. I buy supplements a lot to prove my site isn’t biased. I don’t just side with the guy who gives me 100lbs of protein.

I side with me

That being said Novatest is a is labeled as a pharmakinetic Anti-Aromatse Testosterone Maximizer.
A Tri-Methyl-Flavone(tm) Complex, that uses a Quicktek(R) delivery system.

Recommended dosage is twice daily whether I workout or not.

Novatest is sub-lingual as well. Essentially you place the pill beneath your tongue and let it work.

I can get into the label but I want you folks to get into the research as much as I do.

That being said I’ve tried six star labs test boosters, Arimatest by MuscleMeds and a few others.
Arimatest definitely works.

The six star labs did too.
DHEA and others didn’t work much for me
Now you take what you want.
Do as you want.

Me I’m trying almost everything in a hope to see what my body loves and doesn’t.

I have faith in Novatest.

Let’s see what happens.


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