Forget the New Year! Blast Forward Now!

Everyone seems to get hyped for the holiday season.

Gifts, good times, family and friends- its a great way to end a year.

And then as a habit most people make a habit of setting new goals for the new year. And this magical timing is believed to add momentum and increase gains, further success, and lead to the best you ever.

I call foul.

I’m not waiting for the New Year-
Neither should You.

And hey I’m the first guy to keep it real-
I made money this year, good side money.
And I still didn’t meet my goal.
I had health issues, work issues, and family health issues.
A lot of set backs. Big ones.
And I still made money. It’s kind of crazy but I did.
And it may not have been huge but it was in a way.
I made money in 5 minutes that usually takes me a few hours. So when you do the time ratios I came out thousands ahead for every dollar I took in.
And then I repeated these sales.
Not just to other customers, but I had a few repeat sales- a healthy amount actually.
But I missed my goal.

I also ran for an elected position and clinched it. It took two tries from due to some malarkey from my opponents- but I triumphed.

A bunch of my investments also did well.

As for the gym I had some great gains.
My shoulders and lats are bigger. My overall size visage is grander and my back is stronger.
However my right leg has been tricky.
Pain and mental doubt have ham stringed my faith in getting the mega-brolic legs. But I know I will get there.

How you ask?

Planning pays off folks.

Life is short and success is fleeting.
I did good but not good enough.

And as such my message is Forget the New Year!
I will beg borrow steal, fight claw and bite until I do better.
I still have my day job and my businesses.
As well as some new body building goals.

Did I stretch myself too thin?

Not at all.
I went where the gains were.
And it was worth it.
My gains almost exclusively came from two simple re-directs.
Am I proud? Heck yeah!
Am I disappointed? Of course.

All this said to make my final point:
When I make moves they work.

And so the only choice left is to make more moves, and lift more weight.
And make them faster.

And as such I have dedicated the month of December to Greatness- My Greatness..
I have made my weight goals, sale goals, and other goals in the last 8 days alone.
And I bet I will make at least the same amount of sales I have since August in this same limited time frame.

I am also- almost to my goal of 8 lbs of pure muscle gain as well.

Watch Please-

No one goes to the Olympics for silver.


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