General Mills only has some Cheerios GMO Free? Small Victory- Let Us Fight On!!!

So General Mills is pandering to the public.
They are removing GMO’s from Cheerios- but only the original, regular cheerios. The rest of the branded Cheerios won’t have any changes.
Isn’t that Sweet?

Quite the slate of hand eh?

I call Bullshit!!!
Pardon my language, but as a health afficianado I find this offensive.

Why not update all the formulas/flavors?

I’ll tell you why?

It is easier to appease the masses with a token gesture.
And that is what they did.
And odds are most people buy the Honey Nut Cheerios not the regular Cheerios.
I guess that is ok though.
Who cares right?

Well I do.
And I bet you do if you read this blog.
Let us do what has shown results.
Let’s redouble our efforts.
Let’s make sure they see we want the real deal.

If it is good enough for the CEO of Monsanto, it is good enough for all of us.


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