Novatest Review


Okay folks the results are in.

Novatest is Official.

Having completed a full “cycle” I am quite pleased.
Novatest was easy to take, tasted good, and was effective.  I had noticeable gains without the “roid rage” and bad side effects.  I didn’t go bald, or get excess acne.

I had better gains, and quicker recovery- overall the product was great.  I Generally this product can be pricey but I caught a sale that was about 52% off.  That being said there are cheaper options.  All things being equal though there is a great chance I would buy this product repeatedly.

As with all products I review I strongly suggest you speak with your doctor and or trainer.  If you are tested for substances- verify what this will mean for you.  I’m big on supplements and will try anything I can buy in GNC et al.

Folks I paid for this round of Novatest on a great sale. I buy supplements a lot to prove my site isn’t biased. I don’t just side with the guy who gives me 100lbs of protein.

That being said Novatest is a is labeled as a pharmakinetic Anti-Aromatse Testosterone Maximizer.
A Tri-Methyl-Flavone(tm) Complex, that uses a Quicktek(R) delivery system.

Recommended dosage is twice daily whether I workout or not.

Novatest is sub-lingual as well. Essentially you place the pill beneath your tongue and let it work.

I can get into the label but I want you folks to get into the research as much as I do.

That being said I’ve tried six star labs test boosters, Arimatest by MuscleMeds and a few others.
Arimatest definitely works.

The six star labs did too.
DHEA and others didn’t work much for me
Now you take what you want.
Do as you want.



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