The WorkOut IS the Shortcut

So this guy asked me- Is it the gym I go to or was I born big?…

Are you kidding Me!?!?

First off the gym doesn’t make the man.

Second off no one is born an Adonis.

Ever see Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young?
He was a toothpick.
He had to build the muscle.
He had to put in the time.
He had to put in the sweat equity.

See the trend?

The WorkOut IS the Shortcut-
And as such the muscle is only built by the effort.
When I was slim it was my metabolism- at first. Then to get back to that I went all in. Changed habits, diet- everything.

As I’ve gotten older and come to preferred mass I’ve eaten accordingly.
And I have lifted heavier and more often.
And the results came with my efforts.
Lesson here folks: you only get what you put in. Nothing is free. Even if you were juicing, aka taking steroids, you still have to lift the weights.
You still have to eat the protein, etc.
And for the fools and the haters-
Ask less questions, lift more weights.

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