Super Strength Big Muscles-Do This Now

Super Strength and Big Muscles are within your reach every moment of every day.

How you ask?

2 Things get you there:
-Lift Weights.
-Lift Them Now.

That’s it. Nothing more to it.
I see a ton of guys who want to be big.
Or they want to be trim.
They want to look like Lebron or they want a Michael Phelps physique.
Well the way to get there is simply to start.
The longer you take to get in gear the worse it will be.
Get in the gym and Lift.
That’s it. You need to lift weights, exercise and eat right. But the whole shebang begins with just getting in the gym.
Make it a habit.
No make it akin to breathing.
You do it like you can’t live without it.

You can waste time planning.
You can waste time Googling routines.
Or maybe you want to Google appropriate diets.
I say you’re a jerk.
More is lost to inaction than anything else.
Lift. Lift now.
Don’t go heavy.
Don’t get a trainer.
Don’t buy gear.
And I mean weight belts et al.
I do not mean steroids.
Skip that junk too.
Just get in the mindset of the gym and your time there are all that matters.

That builds not only muscle but character.
Succeed by Exceeding with excess.

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