Meal Cheat- Skinny Wrap

So my boss was making lunch-
He had:
*these huge tortillas.

*a bag of salad.

*a bag of shredded mixed cheese.

*a bottle of ranch dressing.

Now I was like what the f@ck!!!
But it got me thinking- this guy just ate a pretty cheap and healthy snack with stuff I love and have at home.

So here is my concept this is almost a cheat meal.
It has some nice carbs, some protein, ruffage and good flavor.
Now me I’d skip the ranch dressing. Maybe use a little goya olive oil.
Or skip it all together.
Cheese- 3 bucks.
Salad- 3 bucks.
Tortillas-4 and a half bucks.
Essentially you can get 2-5 tasty wraps to snack on between meals or to have as lunch/interim meals.
And it is less than $12 bucks total.
A healthy 3 dollar average cost snack isn’t bad- and fyi- I arrived at that dollar amount by assuming I’d overload each wrap- hence the cheat meal misnomer.
If you go frugal it’s a buck and a half a wrap.
How you say?
Remember your starting purchases?

Well the tortillas you bought numbered about 10-12 total.
So you had a drop on expenses out the gate.
So at 2 wraps a day you have a 5 day supply.
Pretty sweet right?

Think I’m nutty?
let’s chat.

No one Goes to the Olympics for Silver.

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