Honey Badger Performance Energy Review

So folks, I have a new review here-
Honey badger Pre-Workout.

And honestly- I digged it.

I) Taste
I had the lemon lime flavor from Honey Badger and it was good. I didn’t use fancy water, just regular old tap water and it was good. I’m more of a cherry or fruit punch guy but this was tasty as hell. I added 4 ounces of water after the half mark on a 16.9oz water bottle and the taste was still good.

2) Price
As for price I was able to procure free samples from a friend and as such I can’t comment. However on amazon the going price is acceptable. There are also quite a few offers for 2 for 1 if you look.

3) Efficacy
Overall I found this pre-workout to be pretty effective. I had great focus and an okay pump- I say okay pump. Because it wasn’t great and in a pre-workout there is only great or ehhh lol. Overall the focus lasted for 2+ hours which is a HUGE plus in my book.

4) Solubility
This product was soluble to almost a 100%/degree. It mixed well, and tasted well with the mixing.

5) Ease of Purchase
This product is easily available.
Amazon and many other websites have it on sale with free shipping if you look hard enough.

Overall I would recommend this product simply based on its ingredients and use of stevia over sucralose.
Great focus and an okay pump, low cal, good taste- and clear ingredients list make for a decent product.

FYI- ingredients:
acetyl-L carnitine HCI,

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