Don’t Quit When YOU DON’T See Gains

A Lot of guys quit when they don’t see that 6 pack ab physique in the mirror asap.
When those cannonball shoulders don’t kick in asap- disgust kicks in and the gym comes in a distant third to MW4 or the local happy hour.

These are rookie mistakes.

First Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will you be.

Also remember the areas that bother you the most- will definitely take the longest to change.
And to perfect- even longer.
Have realist goals, take your protein, and be a man.

Quick story: a friend wanted to gain an inch in his upper arms and his chest.
But he kept a super lean diet, and a super lean protein.

Clearly he dieted/ate wrong- but blamed the workout, the gym, et al.
Don’t be that guy.
Need advice?
Workout plans?
Diet help?
Hit us up @
@latinscientists, or reply to this blog post.


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