Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Supplement Review

So I’ve done a long term study on C4 by Cellucor- the most dynamic pre-workout supplement I’ve ever taken.
Cellucor C4 1as not only amazing but delivered beyond expectations.
Below is the ingredients label.

Please note this review is for the original formula not the recent updated one.
So back to my 4 part supplement metric.

1) Taste
C4 by Cellucor has a great taste in the standard fruit punch flavor. I love it. I dilute the hell out of 2 scoops so I can bring more filtered water to the gym and I still get what want out of the taste!

2) Price
I have had a great 14 month run at Costco buying this product some 47-51% off if I buy it in bulk- which I do.
Bulk purchase of a quality product with a great shelf life are a gym nut, bodybuilding enthusiast, and weightlifting enthusiasts greatest friend.
Paying less for more- DUH!

3) Efficacy
This product is potent.
Cellucor C4 unleashes energy in buckets, I sweat torrents, lift more weight, and the focus is amazing!
I had only one favorite prior to this in the pre-workout realm but Cellucor C4 has superceded it by volumes.
I find I lift more weight better.
And this over months of time. I vary my usage from 1 scoop, to 3 scoops, then 1 scoop, then 2 scoops and then no scoops as well. I don’t get the jitters or the crappy crash like in other supplements so I’m able to vary usage to gauge results. This alone is worth the products weight in gold alone.

4) Solubility
Cellucor C4 mixes perfectly.
Nuff said.

5) Ease of Purchase
Lastly this product is widely available in NYC where I live and across the continent. As previously stated I buy it in bulk- a minimum of two containers and I save 30-51%.

Overall there is nothing but pure gains awaiting you in this product- in my humble opinion.
However it is banned by the NFL, NCAA, and other institutions due to the ingredient called synephrine.
While not illegal- it has a rep-

So as always- do your own research, consult with your physician, and Getbrolic!

Muscle Militia, we are the army.

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