June 6th NPC Results

June 6th. D-Day for this guy.
Yup, on June 6th there was a bodybuilding competition right here in my hometown NYC.

Did I compete you say?


Wait so why mention it you ask?
Simple: Strategy.

My strategy was to force myself into gains mode.

I didn’t plan to compete- but I did plan to let everyone I know of these dates.
The concept was simple- I’d force myself to grow or be ashamed.
And it worked.
My weight stayed mostly the same. I had a net loss of two pounds. But my measurement changes were vast.
My belt tightened by 3 loops/places.
While simultaneously my shirt neck gained an inch and my suit jacket became form fitting almost.

While my weight didn’t change drastically my measurements did.

Overall, I look and feel better.

The second part of these gains came because I told people I would compete. This self- shaming of sorts made me do more.
When you have a dream, a goal, scream it from the rafters!
Let everyone know what you re attempting. This will force you to do more.

While I did not hit my overall goal I came so close it is amazing.
I changed not only my measurements but my eating habits, my sleeping habits, and my workouts.

Nothing has been more motivating in the last 19 months.
Try it and let me know.
Muscle Militia, we are the army.

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